Project Description
The MSBuild DotNetNuke Tasks Project is an open source project for MSBuild tasks for automatically updating the DotNetNuke Manifest file (.dnn) based on the actual state of the module. This will help in removing repetitive and easy to forgot tasks when creating DNN manifest files

Whenever you release a new version of a DotNetNuke module you have to carefully review the DotNetNuke manifest file ( .dnn) to reflect the current status of the module.
This can include (but is not limited to):
- updating the module version number
- updating the list of files included in the distribution
- referencing new sql scripts that should be executed for the new version
- referencing new dlls that your module requires

We have noticed that it is very easy to forgot any of these steps when you are building a new package to be released. So we have created a set of MSBuild scripts to help with this.
For example, to solve the update of the version number in the manifest file you could use the Version task already included in the MSBuild Community Tasks project.
The list of files included in the distribution can be automated by using a combination of predefined tasks (Zip, Version, Copy, ...) and custom targets.

But we found we missed some way to automate the list of scripts and assemblies that must be referenced on the .dnn manifest file.

The MSBuild DotNetNuke Tasks is a collection of tasks that can be used to fill this requirement. The project includes the followings tasks:
  • ScriptComponent - Creates/updates the Script component node in the manifest file
  • AssemblyComponent - Creates/updates the Assembly component node in the manifest file

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